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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spiff up your house and CATS! CAP THRIFT STORE

These black side chairs have a nice textured fabric that can accompany a dressed up or casual room. 30.00 each
Yellow topped bar stool   15.00

This luxurious Queen comforter is much prettier than I could capture. It is sage green on the underside and has a light blue/gray stripe on the outside.  80.00

 Sturdy rolling side table 40.00

Archie's folks just up and moved away leaving him behind and some caring neighbors brought him to CAP in hopes of getting him a better home. He neither looks or acts like the 9 year old he is. He is also quite a talker!  #15922442 281-497-0591

This Chicos dress is much more attractive in person. It is a size 2 which is the equivalent to a 12-14.  35.00

Olive was returned to CAP at the age of ELEVEN when she and a new puppy did not get along. She is friendly, healthy and declawed.  #14994513 281-497-0591

 These polydactyl feetsies belong to Bubble, a one year old Siamese looking for his forever home..The rest of him is below:)  #15922442  281-497-0591
Did you know Jeep makes a stroller? yup   60.00
Cat throw-looks to be about twin size

100% of the proceeds of the thrift store benefit the homeless animals at Citizens for Animal Protection. Thank you for shopping and donating. Please subscribe and share this blog with your buds.
11925 Katy Freeway 77079    open 7 days a week

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  1. This comment is from Nancy who emailed me directly.
    Janet, thanks for doing this. It's always fun to see what things you choose to highlight and I particularly enjoy it when it's been awhile since I have managed to make it to the Thrift Store.